Girlfriends, I got to get something off my chest. My house is never clean. Like ever. I have friends (with kids) whose houses are spotless. Are they better mothers than me? Nope. Am I a better mother than them? Nope. I work out every day. I have mom friends who don’t exercise. (I mean other […]

If you follow Hollywood news at all, you’ll know that the latest trend is to bow and kiss the feet of any father who does anything remotely fatherly. Like give his kid a cracker. Or tie a shoe. The world explodes with love and praise for this latest father-of-the-year, he graces the cover of Time […]

My mother was always present, literally and figuratively. She was like a floating head—every time my sister and I turned around, she was there. She was in all of our business—snooping through our rooms—finding things she didn’t want to find, but that’s a story for another day. She was room mother, a volunteer in our […]