liebsterLooooooove me some awards. And today, I received my first Liebster Award (which I have learned officially means at least a few people are reading my blog). Woot!

Thank you, Practicing Normal, for the nom. I have been asked, in my acceptance speech, to share 10 personal facts about me. So, here I am, up on stage, holding my golden statue, ready to thank the little people for getting me here. (I definitely pulled a J. Law and tripped up the stairs as I approached the stage… because I am clutsy like that.)

#1: I have been writing since I could hold a writing utensil. I wrote a 20-chapter novel at 8 years old. My parents still have it (completely hand-written and bound with yarn).

#2: Although I currently reside in Kansas, I grew up in Connecticut. I probably would not have been able to identify Kansas on a map before moving here. If someone had told me at 18 years old that I would end up a SAHM, living on a cul-de-sac in freaking KANSAS, I would have laughed in her face. (Turns out Kansas is a pretty awesome place to raise my little buggers.)

#3: I have a crippling fear of failure. I hold myself back all the time for fear of rejection. Joining the blogging / writing world as an adult has forced me to face that fear (and accept rejection) a lot. It has been hard but also a huge experience of growth for me.

#4: I allow myself one cup of coffee per day. My “one cup” = the largest travel coffee mug ever created, and it takes me about 3 hours to drink it all.

#5: I have 2 boys (and 1 girl) but raising boys is hard for me. I don’t do sports, video games, or gun stuff well. Having my son “defeat” (I won’t let him say kill) the bad guys in Star Wars Wii with various forms of weaponry is weird and scary and disturbing.

#6: My fem-nazi mama bear emerges most when it comes to my little girl. I feel guilty that she does not see a mommy who works, and I often wonder if I am sending her the right message that she can do anything. So to compensate, I am on a relentless quest to teach her about strength and courage and fearlessness so she can take on the world. She often takes her older brother down in a wrestling match, and I am proud.

#7: I studied abroad in York, England, for my entire junior year in college. I do not regret it, but it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was so homesick every single day that I struggled to eat and drag myself out of bed. Surviving that year taught me that I can do anything.

#8: I reeeeeeally hate to clean. Like unless we are expecting company (who keep a clean house), I probably won’t. Nothing makes me happier than when my messy-house friends are coming over and I can leave the Cheerios on the floor.

#9: Potty-training makes me cry and drink. My first 2 kids took longer than any other children I know, and I felt like a tremendous failure. I want to potty-train my 3rd like I want to stick a needle in my eye. My 4-year old daughter is a big helper around here… I might pay her (in stuffed animals and plastic jewelry) to train him.

#10: I don’t wear make up… ever (well, maybe like 5 times a year). I don’t know what to buy or how to apply it, and I’m 35. So the ship has probably sailed on that.

Bonus #11 (because I think it is really important): I think motherhood (SAHM-hood, specifically) can be extremely lonely. I felt suffocated by my loneliness when I first became a SAHM. If I hadn’t joined mothers’ groups to make friends and get my baby and myself out of the house, I am not sure he would have turned out okay because I likely would have gone to the crazy house.


So that’s me in 10 personal facts! I nominate the following blogs to accept the Liebster! Here’s how it works:

1. Write a post sharing 10 personal facts about yourself.

2. Include the Liebster Award image in your post (there are lots of choices on Google images).

3. Link back to the blogger who nominated you in your post (that’s me!)

4. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award who could use the shout-out. (Try to find someone with less than a few hundred followers. Help us little people out!)

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8 thoughts on “Liebster Award: 10 somewhat random facts about me

  1. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the Liebster Love. I will be sure to pass it forward!!!

    1. Karen says:


  2. Thank you for accepting. I loved learning new things about you. I just want to know if you have read that 20 chapter novel again as an adult and what was it about? Not many people can say that they have written a novel by age eight.

    1. Karen says:

      Yes, I have seen it in recent years. It is actually a mystery novel — a bunch of kids go on an adventure… and there is a witch (of course). I had quite the imagination! I’ll have to dig it out again. It has been a while since. Thanks for nominating me!

  3. Crystal says:

    Hey, sort of neighbor. I live 13 miles from the Kansas border in CO, though you are probably on the eastern side, I am not sure there is a cul de sac anywhere in the western half of the state. I would love for you to check out my potty-training page There are few people who despise potty-training as much as I do, so I am always excited when I find someone who I think will truly appreciate my posts there! Found you via Practicing Normal

    1. Karen says:

      Hello So-So Mom! (Love that name). I am in the KC area (and I also doubt there are too many cul-de-sacs in the middle!) I’ll be sure to check out your page. Yep, potty-training is THE. WORST. It has seriously broken me. My husband has come home from work and found pee on the floor, wine in my hand, and tears streaming down my cheeks on several occasions. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am SO late to this party and for that, I sincerely apologize!!! Thanks so much Karen. I loved reading your facts, and I too, have been writing since I was a wee lass. 😉 Maybe I’ll get my act together soon to write a post as well

    1. No worries, Jennifer! I’d love to read your facts if you write one!

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