All the stuff I wrote and some stuff I loved from the month of June

Hey friends! June was a great month over here at The 21st Century SAHM. I thought I’d put some links together in one post as a wrap-up. Thanks for following and laughing along with me!

-Karen xo


#alllivesmatter But Do They?

-My thoughts on white privilege and the #blacklivesmatter movement. This piece can also be found on my “Isms and Social Justice” column on Sammiches and Psych Meds.

How Women Worship Hollywood Dads and Tear Each Other Down

-Ranting about how we as women revere Hollywood dads like Ryan Reynolds, but cut other moms down—even famous ones like Charlize Theron. 

What Do You Want to Do? You’re Probably Already Doing It.

-Reflections on BlogU, my first blog conference—what I learned and how it helped me see what was already there.

My Mother’s Presence

-A story from my heart about one of the hardest times in my mother’s life, when she was having to let me go and also say goodbye to her own mother.

What’s Wrong with Your Kid? Here’s Your Answer.

-As seen on Red Tricycle, my confessions about comparing my kids to other kids—and realizing that they are just exactly as they were meant to be.

Inside Voice Podcast

-An opportunity to chat with the very funny and talented Jennifer Scharf and read my piece 7 Things I’ve Learned Now that I’m 35.


Here are some funnies to make you laugh:


(found on Facebook and Instagram)


(found on Facebook and Instagram)


(found on Facebook and Instagram)


This from Buzz Feed—Because who doesn’t love cake fails?

This story about 9/11. A must read.

An important message from Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start by Saying about the #jokesarentfree movement.

McSweeney’s does it again. I was rolling on the floor reading this.

Sammiches and Psych Meds’ list of funnies—I’m included with some incredibly funny people.


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