In a sea of books that fall within the “parenthood humor” category, this one stands out. This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is the perfect title for a book about the chaos, the exhaustion, and the beauty of parenthood. Written from dad’s perspective, Clint Edwards truly has been on both sides of the fence—he’s been […]

The market is saturated with parenting books—we all know that. So when a new book about the woes of motherhood debuts, you might wonder if it will offer a different perspective. We’ve all written about potty-training a million times. We talk about our wine glasses getting a little bit fuller all the time. I know, because I do it too. […]

Ahhh, summer… For three months, there’s no rushing the kids out the door to school. Packing lunches? NOPE. That 3-D model of Jupiter your son forgot to tell you about until the night before it was due? A distant memory. However, summer can bring its challenges—like too much free time. And loss of brain function. […]