This is the face of a mommy on a trip with her husband and no kids.


Okay, here’s the thing: Parenting is eff-ing hard. I had no idea how hard this job would be. Despite being on kid #3, I feel like a floundering brand-new parent almost daily. (Some days are pretty good and I think, “Damn! I got this s%&t down!”) But on lots of days, I stare at the clock wondering, “How early IS too early to start drinking?” So I started blogging a few years ago, in the attempt to find humor in the boogery, poop-filled life that I live. I hope to make my readers laugh and connect with other parents and writers. Join me, as we are all in this crazy exhausting blessed parenthood journey together.

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2 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Karen.

  1. Dear 21st SAHM,

    I love the look of your site and your genuine sense of humor (the censoring is adorable). Sounds like we started blogging for about the same reasons. I look forward to reading more!

    ~Mommy Catharsis

    1. Thank you Mommy Catharsis! I’ll check out your stuff too! I love your title.

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