20 Questions... The Motherhood Version

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself, somewhere, along the way?

1. Do you sometimes cringe when you see your worst qualities passed on to your kids?

2. Do you ever get all dolled up for an event, like a wedding, and see yourself in the mirror and think, Damn! Not too shabby for SAHM on the back-half of her 30s! But then you see wedding photos and wonder who the old, flabby chick is at the end… only to realize it’s you?

3. Are you often surprised at how hard marriage can be?

4. Do you ever wonder if you had too many kids? (Even though on many days, the last one is definitely your favorite?)

5. Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever feel sexy again or if that ship has permanently sailed?

6. Do you sometimes work out hard for 3 weeks, see noticeable changes, feel good about yourself, and then eat one single bowl of ice cream and instantly look 5 months pregnant?

7. Do you yell at your kids too much? Are you ever afraid that your kids will look back on their childhood and remember a mommy who was angry all the time?

8. Do you sometimes drink an extra glass of wine at night, knowing you will pay for it the next morning, but do it anyway because you are so desperate to feel 22 again and so desperate to feel free?

9. Do you measure your success by how your kids fare in comparison with their peers?

10. Did you create a summer bucket list with your kids and then find it in the craft bin, used as scratch paper?

11. Do you often feel like you’ve lost yourself, somewhere along the way? Are you afraid of never finding your way back?

12. Do you spend a rare afternoon to yourself, a time you could be so productive, binge-watching Netflix and eating fruit snacks and then frantically pick up the house in the last 15 minutes before everyone returns home?

13. Do you lay awake at night, shaken to your core, terrified of worst-case-scenario situations involving your kids?

14. Are you sometimes painfully bored of the monotony of your life while simultaneously crippled by a fear of change?

15. Are you resentful that you are not the fun parent?

16. Do you feel trapped?

17. Do you miss happy hour?

18. Do you often use humor to mask your insecurities?

19. Do you often wonder, after your kids are asleep, if they knew how much they were loved today? Do you wish you could wake them up to tell them?

20. Do you sometimes make lists like this one and then realize that you are too damn hard on yourself?


You do? Good. Me too.



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6 thoughts on “20 Questions… The Motherhood Version

  1. vicky says:

    I loved this. Loved. Loved. Loved. it. I know I’m not the only one. I’ve spoken to enough moms to know it. However, it’s easy to think I am. And to think I’m ungrateful, self-centered and way too insecure for an almost 41 year old woman. Then I read something like this and realize I might be those things, but most importantly, I. AM. NORMAL!! Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you, Vicky! Your comment made my day. I often hesitate when confessing such personal stuff, but then I remember why I do it. I’ve felt alone so many times — maybe I can help someone else not feel so alone.

  2. I would tell you which of these is my favorite but then I’d be rewriting your entire piece because I LOVE THEM ALL!!

    1. Thanks Jill! I so appreciate your support!

  3. I love this…because I ask myself these questions daily, especially #7!

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