They still hold my hand. They aren't online yet. They play without me and give me space. Ages 4, 6, and 8. The sweet spot.The early days of motherhood are a foggy half-conscious dream, or a nightmare some days. You wonder if you’ll ever leave the house again, or wear real clothes again, or feel like a human who does things other than watch Thomas the Train and wipe up poop.

After a few years, the clouds part and one day you see yourself return. Maybe you had a quiet shower without interruption. Or you slept the whole night through. Or you went on a date with your husband and wore sexy boots. You realize you are conscious again. You made it through the storm. Your body might feel softer, you might see a few gray hairs, but you’re still here.

Years down the line, after years of tiny feet bouncing downstairs at six a.m., the house begins to quiet. Part-time jobs, driver’s licenses, girlfriends and boyfriends usurp the precious mom-time that used to be. You realize several days have passed and you haven’t had a true conversation with your child.

Other than the pile of laundry he left at your feet, you wonder how much he needs you and misses you Continue Reading

Visit Oceans of Fun for a fun day full of memories. There is something for everyone—from thrill rides to splash pads for little kids.

***KC Parent Magazine provided my family with complimentary admission tickets to Oceans of Fun in exchange for this post.***

In bloggerville, we’re offered products all the time. Try our yogurt! Can we send you free socks for your kids if you write about them?! Here’s some free coffee! Because mommies love coffee! And while we love free stuff, (especially coffee), what’s even more exciting is getting to have an experience and make memories with our little buggers. That’s exactly what I was able to do with my kids last Wednesday, on a 92-degree day, here in Kansas City. We got to visit Oceans of Fun for the first time. And it did not disappoint.

If you have 3 kids close in age, and/or if you have kids of both genders, you know that finding a source of entertainment for all of them can be a challenge. Impossible, really. We have 2 boys and a girl. Our boys are 8 and 4; our daughter is 6. Each is a daredevil in his/her own way; each has fears that the others don’t have. We knew, based on recent vacations, that Continue Reading

My kids watch a lot of screens. But they also do a shit-ton of other stuff. And I make zero apologies.Summer! Time to get out of the house and ride bikes and take nature walks and make bucket lists and catch worms and have lemonade stands.

…Or watch a hell of a lot of TV and iPad.

Do you fall into one of these two categories? What’s your “policy” on screen time? Do you even have one?

Well, I thought I was doing okay with our regulations until I chatted with a few camp moms recently about this very topic. One mom proudly declared that her kids are limited to one hour of screen time per day. Not to be outdone, a chipper sanctimommy super-dedicated mother scoffed at the one-hour limit and retorted, “My kids don’t watch screens. We are far too busy being active outside and using our imaginations.”

Are you fucking kidding, lady.

Ain’t no place for this slacker mom in that circle, so I bowed out pretty quickly. Because here’s the cold hard truth. My kids watch a lot of screens on days off from school. Often our time consists of a rotation between Minecraft, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Star Wars Rebels, and Barbie cartoons. (I could list those in order of most to least painful, but it’s really just one continuous circle of hell.)

But you know what else we’ve done so far this summer? Gone to the zoo, gone to Legoland, swam in pools, gone on walks, gone on bike rides, played in the sprinklers, gone to the library, read piles and piles of books from the library, written Continue Reading